This Post Is Embarrassing – The Style Cure Before Photos

But first, a conversation with my husband:
Brien – “What are you doing with your camera?”
Me – “Taking before pictures of the bedroom for the style cure, ya know?”
Brien – “We’re not even going to clean it first?”

We had already spent an hour over the weekend doing laundry and tidying up the bedroom.  I thought it looked fine, but he helped me clean for the next thirty minutes to get to the pictures below. I’m glad we did straighten up the room; these photos look much better than the room usually does.  It may not be as true to the my life, but I would rather have these pictures on the internets.

And thus the embarrassment. Hello, my name is Emily, and my bedroom is perpetually messy. Shut the door when guests come over, step over piles of clothing messy. Ask any person who has ever lived with me. Mum will vouch for it too, and I can’t blame her for liking Ellen and her childhood bedroom more.

So part of my goal in this style cure will be to make a room that is easier to keep clean. The majority of the improvements will focus on the closet and practical things, but there will be some fun art-related stuff on the bedroom side to de-clutter the space. So here are some pictures of the room, as well as some of the improvements I (and Brien, reluctantly) would like to make.


Looking into the bedroom from the hallway.  The white area on the wall is a crack that has been partially patched, and then left that way for a year.  We need to fix that.  The chocolate stain on the rug is from a guilty dog who decided he liked nutella, and that the best place to eat it would be the corner of the bedroom.  Brien would like to try some more things to get that stain out, but we probably should just flip the rug around.  Admittedly, the room doesn’t look that bad from this angle.


This angle is where things start to get bad.  My personal pet peeve with the room is the closet – that color is what the bedroom used to be, and I think it looks way too yellow compared to the calm blue bedroom.  The shelf by the door just landed there one day, but needs to go since it is just collecting dust and some random bits of clothing.  You can see more wall cracks (curse you foundation!) and some artwork that needs to be hung up.

And now you see why the closet is my main focus.  I really need to find a better way to organize my jewelry and winter scarves, and please don’t mind the shoe explosion.  The one thing Brien wants out of the closet is better organization for our suitcases (currently shoved into the corner behind my skirts) and our camping gear up top.  There is so much storage space in this closet but we aren’t using it well – nothing a trip to home depot and the container store couldn’t fix.
IMG_5695And one last shot from the closet back to the corner windows.  They let in so much light and I would love to make that more of a reading nook in the bedroom, but that may be a future project.  The mini goal for this cure: getting those boxes (of Christmas decorations and heavy blankets, in case you were curious) out of the bedroom.  And a project I’ve been meaning to tackle but haven’t found the perfect thing for yet – changing out the drawer pulls on my Ikea dresser to make it a little less overwhelmingly black.

Looking at the photos a few days removed from taking them, I’m remembered of the things I most like with the bedroom.  That shade of blue makes me so happy, and I love curling up under that fluffy white duvet.  And I also find the room so much more relaxing when it is as clean as it is in the photos, so hopefully the style cure will help me keep it that way through better motivation and organization.  But are we trying to do the impossible?


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