I lost the first draft of this. It was much better.

So I have some before and almost immediately after photos of my bedroom. The purchase of new furniture as mentioned previously was the reason I chose to update my bedroom. It’s also smaller and more manageable compared to the combo living/dining/study room.

I had much more to say earlier but my draft vanished as I was using an old out of date version of chrome. Anyway here are the pictures.

Before: Notice the tons of closet space (be jealous Em), natural light from a south facing window, and the curtains it took me a year to purchase and install. The dresser and bed are left over from college. Everything else from before that.

closets and junk

closets and junk and space

old dresser and closet

old dresser and closet sorted by color




pile of junk

ye old pile of junk

So last weekend I purchased a headboard and two dressers so now my bedroom looks more like this:

dressing area

new stuff yay!

new dressers

yes i need to fix that bottom drawer

i've been searching for one for forever

the headboard is the biggest accomplishment. I’ve been looking for one for ages.

So this weekends projects include picking up a quart of paint for an accent wall, cleaning all the things, fixing the dresser, and eating tons of fruits and vegetables (more on that later)

Any suggestions on bedding or accent colors is much appreciated. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “I lost the first draft of this. It was much better.

  1. I remember your more contrary days when anything I suggested was definitely to be avoided. And today you took me shopping to HELP you pick a paint color. I like you best…now. – Mum

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