Lots of Work, Little Progress

As a little background story, when we fell in love with our house, we knew we were buying a house with settling cracks. You could see them, but we didn’t think they would be that hard to patch. What we didn’t know was that we were buying a house with some real foundation problems that needed more than the band-aid the house flippers had given it…

Two re-shims, four new piers, and probably 200 ft. of soaker hose later, we have a house that is mostly level with doors that can consistently be opened and closed, although they still stick a bit. We also have tons of cracks in the walls from the process, and our motivation to fix them had nearly petered out until I took up the style cure, the blog, and a “no time like the present, even in little pieces” attitude.

So far, the style cure has been moving along well, and I even felt a little bit ahead of the game. However, this weekend was one of those weekends, where I put a lot of hard work into the closet but have very little to show for it, and it kind of got me down on the whole thing. I didn’t get ahead painting like my sister, didn’t make it to the container store, and didn’t fix any of the many settling cracks in the closet. But a lot of hard work went into the prep work, so I’m going to focus on what did get accomplished.

1 – I have two sections of cracks ready to get plaster applied to them! The short stretch on a flat wall and small corner section under the closet shelf will make great trial areas for the floor to ceiling cracks I have coming up.

2 – It could have been worse! The prep work consisted of scraping every last bit of paper tape off the wall, and sanding off the previous joint compound until it was all smooth. While half of the crack was like getting all the paper wrapper off warm caramel candies (you know, where you end up eating paper because you can’t taste it anyways and it’s just not worth it), at least the other side had totally delaminated from the wall and came off in a couple of tugs!

3 – My wrists don’t hurt today, even after all that hard work scraping and sanding! This is a big deal for me – Mum can tell you roughly why here.

4 – There hasn’t been any clothing or jewelry left scattered about the room this past week! Yup, my confession and cleaning out my closet shelves have really helped motivate me to keep the clutter down.

5 – Trying to document things for the blog has meant having my camera out and about the house, which leads to cute pictures of my dog! And on that note, I will leave you with this.



One thought on “Lots of Work, Little Progress

  1. Sounds like progress to me! Once you get good at this whole crack fixing stuff, you can come work on the ones at our house. I would be sure to like you best then!

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