More Cures?

Yup, it is another month, and time for another cure.  This time: the kitchen courtesy of The Kitchn.

Our kitchen is the reason we bought our house in the first place.  Fun fact: it was the first house we looked at, not in the neighborhood we wanted, but we fell hard for the kitchen.  So much counterspace! So many cabinets! By the third house during our hunt, our realtor declared “Correct me if I’m wrong, but you are just looking for a kitchen with a house attached to it.”  He was so right, and when we went back to look at the first house one-more-time, we took pictures to share with the families.  Because we knew that was our future kitchen.

Brien and I love to cook, bake, brew, eat, and entertain, and the kitchen always at its cleanest just before a new food-project is about to begin. Then with a whirlwind of flour, the counters are suddenly full of pots, pans, bottles, and mess which continues to shift until “hmm, let’s make bread and chicken stock from scratch and brew beer this weekend!” We (okay, maybe just me) also like to shift the kitchen utensils around periodically as we find the perfect spot for everything, and the spice cabinet is in constant disarray.

Some blog-guided-and-motivated kitchen cleaning will certainly do our kitchen good, and as with the bedroom, will hopefully help keep it clean.  Style wise, there are improvements that we would maybe like to make to the kitchen down the road, but those are mostly a matter of like-it-but-don’t-love-it.  A few cracks to patch (because of course), some fresh caulk, and a whole lot of scrubbing seems to be what we are in for over the next 10 days.  And at the end, I’m predicting (hoping) we can have both the fresh baked bread and a clean space on the counter to put it.


One thought on “More Cures?

  1. Sounds like a plan…of some sort. Curious to see what changes are made by the end of the month, and how many of them are permanent. But because you use your kitchen to bake (scones) AND brew beer, I like you best. – Mum

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