6 months ago…

Six months ago I was convinced that a blog would be a fun idea and something that I would keep up with.  Six months ago I was also saving up money and planning out when we could build a deck.  It was the dream project- something we would enjoy, would have fun building and be proud of in the end, and would add value to our house.  The blog dropped off quickly, and while I am hoping for a comeback (although I make no promises) it looks like the deck project is on it’s way out.

It turns out that building a deck, and making it to code by pulling the permits for the project, is a lot harder than we thought it would be.  Add in some expected travel and house-guests (both types- the helpful ones and the touristy ones) along with some unexpectedly time intensive work, and it wasn’t looking like it would be done before the summer hit and temperatures rose.  With all the stress in figuring it out, the deck planning wasn’t even fun anymore.  So that is when I had my epiphany:

  • We would really enjoy just having outdoor furniture on our current patio!
  • We would have fun building furniture! And improving the pergola above said patio with nicer wood in better condition while cladding the existing support posts! We could show it off to friends and coworkers and be proud of the work we did!
  • It will be hard to add value to our house until we fix those stupid cracks!

And with that thought, we decided not to build a deck right now.  None of our plans will preclude us from building a deck in the future (except for the cycle of saving up money, then spending it on the next project), and in less time and while having more fun, we will end up with a pretty nice (albeit small) outdoor space.  We hope to build a trestle table, benches, and some Adirondack chairs.  We want to replace the almost-rotting wood of the existing pergola with cedar. We might expand the patio and create a fire zone with crushed granite, flagstone pavers, or (gasp) more concrete.  We will probably either paint, stain, or tile over the concrete we have.  On a rainy day, we may even fix the cracks inside the house.  With no deadlines, no permits, and the dreaming/scheming phase ahead, it’s starting to feel fun again.

I plan to keep posting about our aspirations, designs, progress, and (hopefully) relaxing and complete patio.  Although honestly, we all know how planning can go.


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