About the Blog

Mum Likes Me Best came into being thanks to Apartment Therapy’s Style Cure in August 2013. Previously, we would simply annoy our mother with multiple calls, emails, and text messages throughout the day saying things along the likes of “I just wish I knew which color to paint the closet to make it complement the bedroom,” “OMG 20 DIY PROJECTS FOR HANGING PLANTERS! I LOVE PLANTS!” “Do you think the couscous would be better with apricots or sun dried tomatoes?” and “Do you guys have dinner plans? cuz I am out of food again and don’t feel like going to HEB tonight”

The goal is to create a place for the both of us to post and share all of the silly things we do trying to make our mark on this crazy world we live in without needlessly annoying Mum. This is the first time in our lives where we’ve really set off on different paths as sisters and this project helps tie us together again.


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