Style Cure: Planning and Cleaning

Most of this past week in the Style Cure has been pretty boring, involving cleaning, planning, and more cleaning.  It really does no good to have a stylish room if it isn’t clean, so I spent a better portion of the weekend dusting, sorting, and vacuuming.  Part of cleaning is also getting rid of stuff, so I said goodbye to quite a bit of old costume jewelry from the high school dance era.  It was (weirdly) fun going through all of those things, although the highlight of it was finding an earring which had been lost for the past 2.5 years.  Makes me glad I hoarded the other one!

I also made this lovely floorplan to show roughly the layout of our room, and our color choices! The bedroom is already painted Frosty by Valspar, and for the closet we decided to go one shade darker/more saturated and paint it Valspar’s Sea Wave.  So although it seems subtle in the pic below, since the closet gets no natural light I’m hoping it will come across as maybe a little darker.


Side Note: Ellen helped us in picking out paint colors and painting when we first moved in, and she was constantly telling me I picked the wrong color for the bedroom. Worst paint-color-picker-helper ever.


As far as planning goes, a trip to the container store is definitely in our future.  I’d like to tackle my closet shelves once and for all, which means better box systems to put everything in.  I love the look of these pretty grey boxes, but the linen drop-front boxes may be more practical and are definitely more Brien’s style.  I’d also like to create a jewelry holder like some of the ones I have obsessively pinned on pinterest – I’m leaning between a combo of this one for dangly earrings, this guy for necklaces, and maybe a small bowl to catch my stud earrings.  I don’t need a lot of storage because I am happy with my jewelry box for the rarely worn pieces, but I want a better way to not tangle the 5-10 pieces I wear most often.

So with the closet cleaned out, I’ll be spending the rest of my week prepping the walls for painting, including fixing some cracks in there.  I’m also gonna spend more time deep-cleaning the bedroom itself by trying to get a stain out of a rug and repairing our duvet/cover.  Yes, both problems can be attributed to a certain guilty party…


(This is the only time I have been able to catch the guilty dog look on camera)

But with that cute face, I think I may have to forgive him.